6 Funny Dad Tees You Wish Your Dad Owned

There’s no denying that there’s nothing like a Dad. They’re weird, smelly, loud, boisterous, embarrassing, loving, and the one person you run to when Mom says no. Dads are simply awesome… When they aren’t making a fool of themselves in front of all of your friends, that is. However, it’s those very moments that you’ll treasure the most as you get older. So, embrace the weird, Dad moments with these funny Dad tees you wish yours owned. At least now you’ll have an abundance of gift ideas for him when the next holiday rolls around.



For the dad who loves the cat as if it’s one of his kids

Best Cat Dad Ever T shirt - Cat Lovers Dad

Everyone knows that one dad who is like the crazy cat lady, only in male form. It just so happens that that one dad is yours. There’s nothing to be ashamed of for having a cat loving dog who treats the family feline like a newborn child. It just shows your dad’s compassionate side. So, embrace the weird cat loving way of yours pops with funny dad tees that showcase his crazy cat man ways.


For the dad who has an interesting obsession with The Breaking Bad

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Listen, we aren’t going to say anything’s weird about your Dad’s weird obsession with the meth-making show. However, we are going to tell you that you need a batch of these funny Dad tees for every episode he replays on the PVR.   



For the zombie dad who can’t get off the couch

Okay, it’s seriously time for your dad to get off the couch, turn off The Walking Dead, and do something. Mind you, he could be binge-watching an incredibly old and boring television series. So, maybe you should embrace his zombie ways with a Walking Dead tshirt, or rather, walking dad tshirt.   


For the dad who tries to be hip AF

Dad tees, funny dad tees, gift ideas for dad, gift ideas for him

There’s always that one dad who is constantly trying to be down with the slang. You know, the kind of dad who yelled ‘yolo’ when yolo was actually a thing or the kind of dad who tries to use emojis and short forms in every text message he sends. Well, if this sounds like your dad, he is DAD AF and we have the perfect Dad tees for him.


For the smelly dad

Dad tees, funny dad tees, gift ideas for dad, gift ideas for him

Oh, there’s always that one smelly dad who doesn’t care where he is or who he’s around, if he has to let one go, he does just that. It just so happens that he ironically seems to be gassier when you’re hanging out with your friends or your latest crush is over. Dads; you ‘gotta love ‘em despite their smelly ways. At least these funny farting gift ideas for dad will help you see the hilarity of the entire situation... Once your embarrassment subsides. 


For the daddy who just found you with your boyfriend or girlfriend

Dad tees, funny dad tees, gift ideas for dad, gift ideas for him

This is by far one of the best funny dad tees out there. When your dad gets angry, you know to watch out, especially if he just found you making out with your boyfriend or girlfriend in the basement. Daddy has some serious need to express some rage right about now. So, grab him this funny father shirt and maybe you won’t be grounded for as long.



Humor can change every situation around. So, grab an abundance of funny dad tees and keep them in your closet for anytime you’re in trouble or need a reminder that you do actually love the big man of the house. Shop today and keep dad happy and laughing.  

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