7 Stages Every Parent Goes Through When It’s Back to School

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You know who gets excited about back to school? Parents! Moms and dads love back to school because it means their children are finally someone else’s problem for seven hours of the day. Can I get an amen? Jokes aside; we love our kids. We just also happen to love when someone else has to deal with their temper tantrums and attitude. So, for all the parents out there shedding a tear (of joy) as their little ones get ready to go back to school, this one’s for you.


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At First…. You’re Kind of Sad

You have to admit that there is a part of you that is a little sad about back to school. After all, you’ve had two full months to enjoy your child turning down food they “hate” but loved yesterday; and two full months of eye rolling; two full months of talking back; two full months of… Okay, you get the point. But still, you’re a little sad because you also got two full months to spend with your beautiful offspring.


Then, You're Ready to Celebrate

Who are we kidding? The back to school sadness only lasts for a couple seconds before you start celebrating! Alas, your 9-5 life is finally yours again.


Wait… Now We’re Confused

Okay but wait, all of these other moms and dads are still sad about back to school and you’re over here pouring a glass of wine. Now you’re starting to wonder if you should be sad. Is back to school something to be sad about? Because you definitely don’t understand why other parents are upset. They probably have something in their eye. Yeah, that definitely has to be it.


So, This is What Midday Relaxation is Like...

Noon hits and you haven't been thrown up on, yelled at, had doors slammed in your face or any of the awesome stuff that comes with being a parent. So, you start to actually sit back and relax. Yes, you can finally do that without being interrupted. It’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it?


Starting to get Bored

A couple hours pass of no temper tantrums and you’d think you were in a “Good Vibes Only” zen den. Instead, you’re starting to get bored. You’re so used to having your children run around the house like maniacs that your home doesn’t even feel like home. You actually have time to yourself and you have no idea what to do with it. Hmph.


The Anxiety Kicks In

Maybe you should text your child to see how their first day of school is going? Nah. Maybe you should do a drive-by the school just to make sure… No. You don’t do any of those things but they certainly start to cross your mind as mom mode (or dad mode) starts to set in. Instead, you just anxiously look at the clock waiting for the madness to begin once the school bell goes out and you’re oddly excited about it.


Excitement then Regret

Finally! Your children are home and you’re so excited to hear about their day. You rush to the front door… And they have nothing to tell you. You ask, “How was your day?” And they say, “Fine,” or “Good”. That’s it. Nothing else. Just a one word answer. Then, the madness actually begins and you start to wonder why you didn’t take full advantage of the seven child-free hours you had all day.


Jokes aside, you love your kids. We all do. It just so happens that parents also love not being around their kids sometimes. Shhh! Don’t tell them. Instead, shop back to school tees for your entire family today on Bel Disegno.



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