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How to Prepare your Child for Back to School

by Chantal McCulligh 10 Aug 2017

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Back to school is right around the corner! Parents across the globe are cheering while the children are groaning. After a two-month long binge of Netflix, video games and staying up late, it can be hard to get your child back on the school bus bandwagon. And we all know what that means – cranky kids for everyone. But don’t worry, moms and dads. These tips will help you prepare your child for back to school.


5 Steps to Prepare your Child for Back to School

Alas, let's get your little ones ready for school! Here are five steps to take that'll have them ready to learn... Yeah, right. At the very least, they won't be shell-shocked when they find themselves in a classroom. 


Get them back on a regular sleep schedule a week prior

The first thing every parent needs to do when preparing their child for back to school is getting their sleep schedule back in place. Summer comes with late nights and even later starts to the day, and waking up at the break of dawn is going to be a difficult task if it’s not done progressively. back to school, back to school shopping, preparing your child for back to school, funny graphic tees, funny parent tees,

Approximately a week prior to back to school, start implementing regular bed times again. You may want to make the time earlier and earlier as the week progresses to deter any tantrums. And don’t forget to wake them up earlier and earlier as well. By the time school starts, your child should be used to a regular sleep schedule.


Add in excitement with back to school shopping

Every kid gets excited about back to school shopping! New books, new binders, new colored markers, oh my! What’s not to be excited about? So, don’t do the back to school shopping for your children. Get them involved, get them excited and of course, don’t forget to treat yourself to something as well. After all, you’ll need funny parent tees to get through the back to school transition.  

There's also some awesome back to school shirts for students that will amp up that excitement for education. 


Go over the rules

Rules, rules, rules. Children hate them, parents love them! But let’s be honest, rules are a part of everyday life and not listening to them is going to make your child’s life harder. So, remind them of the rules that apply once their back to school. Reiterate their punishments for misbehaving in class, go over the safety tips put in place while they’re walking to and from school, and remind them that homework comes first before friends.

Whatever rules your family has, make sure you go over them with your child before school starts to avoid any fits. Tell them now and at least they won’t be as angry once the big day arrives.

back to school, back to school shopping, preparing your child for back to school, funny graphic tees, funny parent tees,  

Talk with your child about how they feel

Depending on the age of your child, you may get an eye roll and a shrug when you try to ask them how they feel about back to school. However, this tip should never be avoided. It’s important to understand how your child feels about school. This allows you to address any attitude or underlying issues that may be interrupting their studies in the future, such as bullying or difficulty with a certain subject.


Create a plan

As soon as back to school arrives, parents start running around like Zombies from The Walking Dead. As if the early mornings weren’t enough, parents now have to juggle extra-curricular activities, homework, friends, dinner, bath time – and the list goes on. So, create a plan. Grab one of those white board calendars, stick that bad boy on the fridge and stay on top of the school year. From half days to after school activities, school functions, special lunch menus and more, write them in so you’ll feel a little more sane throughout the school year.



Little do children know, parents stress out about back to school just as much – if not more so – than they do. After all, it’s us parents who have to do all the hard work! So, treat yourself to some humor and applaud yourself for your awesome parenting skills with funny graphic tees for moms and dads.  

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