Statement Style Isn’t What You Think it Is

Statement style is at the top of the trends list but it's not what you think it is.  Instead of it being about the way you dress, statement style is all about making a statement by wearing fashion that says more than just style. It’s a complete 180 shift from what the word ‘statement style’ has meant to the industry before, and it's for the better. So, for the parents and fashionistas out there who want to make a statement that goes beyond what meets the eye, you’ll want to check out these three graphic tees and see what they really mean. 


Beard Lives Matter Shirts

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Now, I know what you’re thinking – why are beard tees considered statement style? Well, having a beard is a statement in itself but the message goes deeper than having a bushy pile of hair on your face.

Beards are often used to represent November, or what people like to call, Movember. The entire month is dedicated to men growing as much facial hair as possible to help raise awareness about prostate cancer. People make donations to the beard-growing man in their life, and voila! You have statement style.

The thing is, this beard trend of Movember has extended outside of the month of November. Many men are now growing their facial hair all year round for the sake of continuous awareness. So, beards are more of a statement now than ever before, and if you have a furry thing growing on your face, embrace this new charitable lifestyle of yours with a beard shirt for men.


F#CK Cancer Awareness Shirts

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Cancer is something everyone can relate to in today’s world. Everyone knows someone who has cancer, has had cancer, has died from cancer and if not, they’re close with someone who has experienced these things. It’s a horrible epidemic that needs to be taken care of. Unfortunately, coming up with cures for such a complicated disease doesn’t come for free.

Use your statement style to raise cancer awareness. Show the world that you’ve contributed to the cause, wear a cancer survivor shirt, support a loved one who’s ill with a cancer tee.  Style isn’t about wearing expensive, brand name clothes. It’s about making a difference, and F#CK Cancer shirts do just that.


Supporting Autism Awareness

fashion tees, graphic tee, statement style, cancer awareness shirt, autism awareness shirt,

Raising awareness about common diseases isn’t the only way to have statement style in 2017. You can also contribute to the trend by being proud of who you are, who’s in your family, and any challenges that follow.

Many parents are supporting their autistic children by rocking Autism awareness day shirts – all year round. No one, especially parents, should have to hide under a label that the media has put a negative spin on. Statement style is finally giving everyone a chance to take control of the message they want to give and this Autism Mom shirt is one of the best ways to do just that.


So, forget everything you heard about statement style. It’s no longer what it used to be. The modern world is finally taking a change in a positive way, and making fashion much more about the message than it is about the aesthetics. Although, you can’t deny that these statement graphic tees are just as stylish as they are powerful.


Show your support for a loved one battling cancer with a cancer awareness tshirt. Be proud of your child with autism, with a autism awareness shirt. Show off your beard for prostate cancer with beard graphic tees. All of this and much more is available today on Bel Disegno.


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