Clarissa on Dec 31, 2019<br>★★★★★

Clarissa on Dec 31, 2019

It came out perfectly! I loved it, my boyfriend loved it. It was great. The quality was was better than expected, t-shirts don’t tend to come as soft as that one felt... 100% cotton. What I loved and why I chose this design was that it only had the year and no age (25) so that it can be worn for many years to come which many other sellers did not offer.

Paige on Jan 3, 2020<br>★★★★★

Paige on Jan 3, 2020

So happy with this product!!! Great quality and customer service. Thank you xoxo

Jackeline on Jan 9, 2020<br>★★★★★

Jackeline on Jan 9, 2020

Absolutely obsessed with my tapestry!! It came out beautiful!

sbrett689 on Jan 19, 2020<br>★★★★★

sbrett689 on Jan 19, 2020

Highly recommend, quick turn around, turned my ideas into a perfect invitation! I was able to turn this creation into a scroll for my nieces sweet sixteen (for her court).

Kirsten on Jan 30, 2020<br>★★★★★

Kirsten on Jan 30, 2020

The perfect travel mug! Super cute and perfect for Valentine’s Day. The seller was great at communicating and showed me a design first. Love it! Can’t wait to give it to my boyfriend

Matt on Dec 16, 2019<br>★★★★★

Matt on Dec 16, 2019

Great purchase and fast for a customer pin! They also responded quickly to questions!

Michael on Dec 21, 2019<br>★★★★★

Michael on Dec 21, 2019

I almost cried taking this out of the box. Perfection. I have 4 days to keep this secret and i don’t know that I can. Thank you.

Kristina on Dec 29, 2019<br>★★★★★

Kristina on Dec 29, 2019

First i would like to say thank you for everything! I don’t normally take my time to leave a review but This company is so amazing from the start even with the busy season they were hands on and making sure that they will deliver a product that’s beyond my expectations! Great customer service and fast shipping!

Aei on Dec 13, 2019<br>★★★★★

Aei on Dec 13, 2019

Omg.. these are so cute... I know my friends will like it... thank you so it 😊❤️

Aei on Dec 7, 2019<br>★★★★★

Aei on Dec 7, 2019

I received the replacement and it was so beautiful. They have good customer service. They are very accommodating and because of that, I order 3 more for my friends. The bears, spurs, gators and the replacement in the picture are so amazing.. 😊

M on Dec 4, 2019<br>★★★★★

M on Dec 4, 2019

Delivery delay (both BeldisegnoShop and I agree caused by USPS error) but my Christmas gifts for two buddies of mine are here and I couldn't be happier!! BeldisegnoShop was always quick in response to questions and helpful in suggestions! I'll use them again for sure!

alicesnell1995 on Dec 1, 2019<br>★★★★★

alicesnell1995 on Dec 1, 2019

Amazing quality and was dispatched Really quickly! I love love love the T shirt

Katrina on Nov 27, 2019<br>★★★★★

Katrina on Nov 27, 2019

Oh my goodness, these are better than I even imagined. Thank you so very much. They're beautiful and very well made.

Madison on Nov 15, 2019<br>★★★★★

Madison on Nov 15, 2019

I'm so happy with my purchase. Shipped quick and the color looks great! The fabric is the perfect weight for hanging with tacs onto a wall. One note for customers, use wrinkle release spray or wipe it (or the wall) down with a dryer sheet before hanging. I struggled with some static attraction between the sheet and my wall :)

Cathy on Oct 20, 2019<br>★★★★★

Cathy on Oct 20, 2019

This is beautiful! So glad we had it made. Thank you!

Jodie on Oct 21, 2019<br>★★★★★

Jodie on Oct 21, 2019

Added this cowboy’s lariat rope to the beautiful custom clock that I purchased from this shop, as a memorial piece for his wife. Will definitely be purchasing more in the future.

heatherloizzo on Sep 18, 2019<br>★★★★★

heatherloizzo on Sep 18, 2019

I needed help with getting a drawing for my logo into a computer file format to send to various printers & design services. Quick turnaround, thorough & they provided exactly what I needed!

Shannon on Aug 9, 2019<br>★★★★★

Shannon on Aug 9, 2019

Seller was quick to help me and made all the adjustments I asked for! Would recommend.

Ellyse on Jul 30, 2019<br>★★★★★

Ellyse on Jul 30, 2019

So as long as you plan ahead with these, they are great. True to size, great quality. SO SOFT. Great customer service as well

Wendy on Jul 14, 2019<br>★★★★★

Wendy on Jul 14, 2019

Excellent product, and super fast shipping. thank you!

haas2002 on Jul 12, 2019<br>★★★★★

haas2002 on Jul 12, 2019

Great to work with on my clock project. Patiently reviewed design detail with me multiple times. Order came quickly. Very happy with finished product!

brittneychatel on Jul 8, 2019<br>★★★★★

brittneychatel on Jul 8, 2019

I am so appreciative of the quick responses and amazing help I received! The shirt came out awesome thank you so much!

SCOTT on Jul 9, 2019<br>★★★★★

SCOTT on Jul 9, 2019

Very professional and quick turn around

Dorian on Jul 6, 2019<br>★★★★★

Dorian on Jul 6, 2019

The quality was so great, the size Large for men was the perfect fit, not too small or too big (which is usually the case with online shopping, that the size isn't correct) and the writing on it was very nicely done. It had a lot of detail and seems like its a shirt that will last a long time. Sorry for the photo not being too great, had just opened it from my mailbox and was so excited that I took a picture in the car. The line on it is from Game of Thrones. One more thing, the customer service of this shop was above and beyond helpful. They fixed a mistake I made and didn't make a big deal out of it, and found a solution to my problem of ordering the wrong thing. Would recommend this shop!

Javier on Jul 2, 2019<br>★★★★★

Javier on Jul 2, 2019

I love how it makes me a bad ass hombre.

Ana on Jun 19, 2019<br>★★★★★

Ana on Jun 19, 2019

I’m SO HAPPY with how well these came out. I ordered 3 different ones of each of my dogs and they are great quality, came super quick and I plan on buying more!! Highly recommend!!

Gabriella on Jun 24, 2019<br>★★★★★

Gabriella on Jun 24, 2019

Absolutely perfect! Stellar communication and help getting my ideal travel mug!

Andrea on Jun 12, 2019<br>★★★★★

Andrea on Jun 12, 2019

Love it, can’t wait to embarrass the hubby. Glad I sized up! It is see through.

Helen on May 26, 2019<br>★★★★★

Helen on May 26, 2019

Omg they are amazing. Look at how wonderful the design came out on this line jacket!!! Thank you so much!

Katie on Mar 28, 2019<br>★★★★★

Katie on Mar 28, 2019

Absolutely amazing work, amazingly professional service!! Will definitely recommend!!

cloughee on Feb 27, 2019<br>★★★★★

cloughee on Feb 27, 2019

Shirt was perfect! I ordered as a valentines day gift for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved it! The image printing was great quality. I'll 100% be ordering more pup shirts.

Katrina on Feb 20, 2019<br>★★★★★

Katrina on Feb 20, 2019

My fiancee's best friend's pug is jealous of me. This turned out perfect! Many thanks! Very soft, durable fabric.

outlaw4315 on Feb 17, 2019<br>★★★★★

outlaw4315 on Feb 17, 2019

Fiancee LOVED the mug! I Put on a picture we took from a hike with a quote I love and the coordinates. Company made it so easy to customize the mug. All 8 had to do was send a font I liked and BOOM they made it better then I imagined. I had issues with the first mug I ordered. Probably a hiccup from the machine causing it to overdevelope the picture. BUT customer service was the best! Sent a few pictures and they had no issue sending me a new one once they saw what happened. Gladly order and recommend them again. THANK YOU!

Jess on Jan 31, 2019<br>★★★★★

Jess on Jan 31, 2019

it came out so great and SO quick!! love it!

Ashley on Jan 11, 2019<br>★★★★★

Ashley on Jan 11, 2019

I got this as a gift for my husband and it’s beautiful. The quality is great and the image is flawless.

Stephanie on Jan 2, 2019<br>★★★★★

Stephanie on Jan 2, 2019

I ordered this JOY tapestry as a gift for my mother-in-law. I sent the shop a photo of one she had in the 80’s that she lost in a move. They recreated it perfectly and she loved it!

Victoria on Jan 10, 2019<br>★★★★★

Victoria on Jan 10, 2019

This shirt was amazing!! My husband was very happy!

stanbe on Dec 31, 2018<br>★★★★★

stanbe on Dec 31, 2018

This absolutely adorable with all my puppy’s things in it!!

KINDra beck on Dec 24, 2018<br>★★★★★

KINDra beck on Dec 24, 2018

Fantastic customer service! I had a picture from my phone that represented a magic moment and I wanted a special quote on it from my grandpas funeral. Not only did the pillows come out amazing, they shipped on time and arrived before Christmas. I would highly recommend. They responded and communicated within minutes for this custom piece.

Helena on Dec 18, 2018<br>★★★★★

Helena on Dec 18, 2018

I am absolutely in love with my order! I was able to submit a photo of my brother’s shark teeth to have pasted onto a pencil pouch and the process was super easy. The customer service was fantastic. They were very helpful in explaining to me how to complete a custom order. It also shipped very quickly! I would definitely order from here again.

Paige on Dec 17, 2018<br>★★★★★

Paige on Dec 17, 2018

This turned out amazing! Thank you so much for your attention to detail! 10/10 would recommend

Sky on Nov 16, 2018<br>★★★★★

Sky on Nov 16, 2018

It came out perfectly thank you!

Mariane on Oct 31, 2018<br>★★★★★

Mariane on Oct 31, 2018

I am so pleased with this high-quality products I am very happy to have made this purchase and look forward to making more purchases in the future. Thank you to the shop for their excellent customer service.

fransicoperez on Jul 31, 2018<br>★★★★★

fransicoperez on Jul 31, 2018

Well made shirt! The colors are spot on, looks exactly like the picture I sent the seller! The shirt is super soft , and there is no heavy synthetic smell!

Ashley on Jun 7, 2018<br>★★★★★

Ashley on Jun 7, 2018

Bought it for my husband for Father’s Day. I love it! I love the material even though it’s a bit see through (I love how soft and comfy it is, but my husband might say something about it being see through. I know he will love it though!

Casey on Mar 2, 2018 <br>★★★★★

Casey on Mar 2, 2018

Awesome quality! I’m very happy with it.

sarah on Jan 6, 2018 <br>★★★★★

sarah on Jan 6, 2018

Good quality print and onesie. Fits perfect!

Tiffany on Feb 1, 2018 <br>★★★★★

Tiffany on Feb 1, 2018

So comfty and soft! We love them! :)

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